The Lamborghini Countach

Some cars are beautiful, some cars are purposeful, some cars are sensational but the Lamborghini Countach might just be the pick of the bunch for us. It is quite frankly perfect. Just don’t actually try to drive one as they are terrible, we would gladly park one up and just look at it









The LP400S and subsequent LP500S gave the car its wide wheel arches, dished telephone dial wheels and massive rear wing and as impressionable young things in the late 1980s this is the one we REALLY love. In white, with the boomerang wing and a full white leather interior it is 80s perfection… 


83MC-C106tumblr_md87tmvcac1rdmvtdo1_500   D tumblr_mfi1qg6zbf1rfa2tao1_500    tumblr_mg4pftoXSg1rrvt00o1_500 




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