The Dakar Rally

The annual Dakar rally is currently underway, running through 8,500km’s of Peru, Argentina and Chile over a 15 day period with up to 850km’s per day. That’s seriously hardcore.

With over 500 entrants split between cars, bikes, quads and trucks it is a truly monumental event that attracts professional and amateur teams and riders from all over the world to compete in this ultimate test of mechanical and human endurance. Originally started in 1978 it was called the Paris-Dakar (and many people nostaligically still refer it to as such) but in 2009 it was was switched to run in south America due to security concerns in Africa that saw the cancellation of the 2008 event and the loss of the classic name. It did not however, lose any of its iconic status and is still one of motor sports greatest events.



357983_kamaz_ralli_parizh-dakar_gruzovik_kamaz_3000x2000_( ap-peru-rally-dakar-4_3_r536_c534 bike Chile Rally Dakar dakar-rally-cars-HD-Wallpapers dakar_chopper-quad France's Stephane Peterhansel steers his pb-130107-dakar-01.photoblog900 Rallye-Dakar-les-forces-en-presence_articlethumbnail  tumblr_mgd9uwhskA1rc77m7o1_1280


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