Mercedes SL R107

As we sit here watching the snow melting away its hard not to let our imagination wander off and start dreaming of spring and warmer weather and we want to be cruising around in an old Mercedes SL, not the celebrated Pagoda model as they are already a bonafide classic, but the up and coming younger R107 model from the 1970s and 1980s. Those long lines that appear to have been drawn with a very straight teutonic ruler, the reliability that means so many are still on the road and the fact that they just exude a sense of style completely missing from all modern Mercedes, these were from a time when Mercedes was a byword for quality and reliability. Nowadays you can buy one for £5000 if you really want to although we would advise against that and look more realistically for cars from anywhere between £10,000-£30,000. Buy now, they are only going to rise in price and just think how great you will look on that first warm day in spring…

822730_1517739_3555_2006_81f44 mercedes-benz-e-class-estate-s123-1978-1986-1366x768-013Mercedes-Benz-SL-R107-4 Mercedes-Benz_280_SL_R107MERCEDESBENZSL-R107--1728_12mercedes-sl-r107MercedesR107-4 sl1 i285143sl2


5 thoughts on “Mercedes SL R107

  1. Amazing how many you see in great condition in every day use in London! Which engine is most coveted?

  2. 500SL is the one to have. You’ll generally find all the toys as it was the rich mans SL (my 1986 has heated seats, cruise and tempomat). You also get LSD on the V8s. Petrol consumption difference from the 300/420/500 is negligible.
    The old girl can still lift up her skirt and surprise many modern cars (as long as you are going in a straight line!) and sounds fantastic.

  3. I’ve just picked up the original Oris Ski Rack for my car and the plan is to go to the Alps next year (snow tyres on of course). Hopefully my trip wont end up like your second photo!
    I just need a 1970s ski suit and I’ll be all set. No point having a car like this if you just leave it in the garage.

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