Pininfarina Ferrari Modulo

Unveiled at the 1970 Geneva Motor Show the Pininfarina Ferrari Modulo concept was based on the chassis and drive train of the fearsome Ferrari 512M race car and is, in our view, absolutely sublime. This is what we expected cars to look like by now when we were growing up, impossibly wedge like in shape, ridiculous cockpit access, no practicality at all. We love this car.

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Mercedes SL R107

As we sit here watching the snow melting away its hard not to let our imagination wander off and start dreaming of spring and warmer weather and we want to be cruising around in an old Mercedes SL, not the celebrated Pagoda model as they are already a bonafide classic, but the up and coming younger R107 model from the 1970s and 1980s. Those long lines that appear to have been drawn with a very straight teutonic ruler, the reliability that means so many are still on the road and the fact that they just exude a sense of style completely missing from all modern Mercedes, these were from a time when Mercedes was a byword for quality and reliability. Nowadays you can buy one for £5000 if you really want to although we would advise against that and look more realistically for cars from anywhere between £10,000-£30,000. Buy now, they are only going to rise in price and just think how great you will look on that first warm day in spring…

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The Dakar Rally

The annual Dakar rally is currently underway, running through 8,500km’s of Peru, Argentina and Chile over a 15 day period with up to 850km’s per day. That’s seriously hardcore.

With over 500 entrants split between cars, bikes, quads and trucks it is a truly monumental event that attracts professional and amateur teams and riders from all over the world to compete in this ultimate test of mechanical and human endurance. Originally started in 1978 it was called the Paris-Dakar (and many people nostaligically still refer it to as such) but in 2009 it was was switched to run in south America due to security concerns in Africa that saw the cancellation of the 2008 event and the loss of the classic name. It did not however, lose any of its iconic status and is still one of motor sports greatest events.



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The Lamborghini Countach

Some cars are beautiful, some cars are purposeful, some cars are sensational but the Lamborghini Countach might just be the pick of the bunch for us. It is quite frankly perfect. Just don’t actually try to drive one as they are terrible, we would gladly park one up and just look at it









The LP400S and subsequent LP500S gave the car its wide wheel arches, dished telephone dial wheels and massive rear wing and as impressionable young things in the late 1980s this is the one we REALLY love. In white, with the boomerang wing and a full white leather interior it is 80s perfection… 


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The Porsche 964

The Porsche 964 may have been slightly overlooked in recent times, if you wanted the pick of the aircooled 911 you were probably looking at an older 1970’s car or a last of the line 993, but their time has now come. The RS model has always been coveted, as any model from Weissach wearing that hallowed badge should be, but the regular models look great too, its getting hard to find a good manual Carrera 2 though. We love the 964 as it looks so damn good especially in a bold lurid colour.


We want a mint green RS though. A lot.